The Creationist Argument

The Creationist Argument:2000px-No_God.svg

The creationist argument stems around the fact that we were all created from something. Think about what is near you right now. Your TV. Your Couch. Your Toys. These are all man made object, all composed of elements. The most complex of them all is the human being. We are walking beings that have evolved and been around for thousands of years. We have evolved from apes. Apes had evolved over time from something else. If you go all of the way back to the beginnings of human civilization, there is one particle.

If we go back to that one particle, this is where the atheistic argument comes into play. When discussing a particle, there is much up to debate. Who made or placed that god particle, that began the universe. There has to be something, that created, initial matter, right? Wrong. This argument typically stumps atheists. We can explain it by saying this.


Agnostically, We do not know what created the first particle. And we can never know. But when it comes down to one particle, why does it have to be the case that somebody placed it there. We always try and think about it as a material being that placed a particle. Even if it wasn’t a material being that created that first particle, we can assumed that the god-thinking crew believe that a “spiritual” or non-physical being placed that particle. But atheists can say this- It is true on earth that spontaneity creates things here today, and that events occur, with luck and a degree of randomness. There is no formula for the exact ability to control the parameters and confines of our reality, but we can only measure it by probabilities and past experiences. But, we know that luck exists- and my definition of luck is different than what everyone else thinks. The definition of luck is more or less- “the degree of success or failure brought on by chance, and not action”. Is it possible that, chance, spontaneous placement and no action could create all we know today. We think so.

It all comes down to your agreeance, or disagreeance with the term luck or chance. Do you believe in luck? Well, we know it exists, to some degree- but only in part because we have not unlocked the mathematical and probabilistic equation that runs our universe. Statistics and probability are mathematically generated confines of reality. But, what actually makes the action occur? And what about the things that are impossible to measure. for example, what are the odds, that a tree blows a certain leaf off from the tree, during the crisp fall months. Well, if the average oak tree in bloom has X number of leaves during blossoming months, it is possible to measure the amount of leaves in down months. When we measure this, with degrees of variance, we can tell these number. More to come here- thoughts below please.