Men, Women And God

This week’s post is about how “god” created men and women, and how our psychology has developed behind this. For those of you who believe that Adam and Eve were created on the 7th day, and that god places them in the Garden of Eden with the snake and the apple, this write-up is not for you. It’s not really even a debate anymore, that we have evolved from monkeys and chimpanzees, so if you believe this, you’re factually wrong. I have no problem with people who are religious, but also realistic. You can still uphold the functional lessons from religion, but neglect the archaic doctrine that isn’t current- and still be CHRISTIAN!evolved

Anyways, man and women evolved over time into what they are now. Our tribe mentalities. Women mate for survival, men mate for replication. But you might be thinking, what does this have to do with god? Well, really everything. We are human. We know not which created us, and we could very well be our own gods, in our minds. Humans only continue being humans if we replicate.

We can only replicate if women survive, as they are psychologically viewed and intrinsically weaker bodied in general, then dominant male counterparts. We as a species, only survive if we mate. It is everything. It is why we take our bonds so seriously: (Update: We as humans depend upon the sun, which grows our food. It is actually said that photons from the sun contain similar horomone’s that influence humans to mate)

The psychology behind men and women, is very much tied in with god. When you think about it, there are almost no species that are able to replicate, without members of the opposite sex, aside from a small few asexually offspring producing animals. It goes back to very beginning of mankind. The first god particle, wouldn’t have come to fruition, it wasn’t spontaneously combusted. If there were originally two particles, which there could have been, they could have collided and replicated. This is not dissimilar with men and women.

I want to get a good consensus really quickly at the end of this article, of who wants to come to annual anti-god rally? Please comment below and let me know if you want to come- It will be at the Klein Convention center downtown, and we can get discounted tickets in bulk. We just have to have a few hundred people on board.