The Philosophy Of Pacifism

download (6)I never liked war… Ever. I don’t think that anyone does- it’s a catch 22. It was said today that France dropped bombs on Syria and that the hacktivist group called Anonymous declared war on ISIS. Serves them well. I am a pacifist, but when certain crimes against humanity occur, its just is necessary.

But let’s explore the philosophy of pacifism here and figure out if it actually is a winning or losing formula. Ghandi, the most pacifist man to live on record, is credited with the beginning of the movement- and to me it is the most powerful. But the real question is between good and evil. Would evil exist, even in a “good” or ideal world- with drastically less poverty, higher wages and less unwanted pregnancies. Would anything change? Would crime, violence and hatred exist if we eliminated its causes? It remains an interesting question. Are we inherently violent, or is it caused throughout our environment and upbringing.

Nature vs. Nurture is a huge controversial subject. Would we know violence existed, if we didn’t see it so regularly? It it was outlawed? Its interesting to think about.

If we took all of the missile defense budget today, its reaches an expanse of trillions of dollars .If we spread that money into areas of poverty and made the world a better place, would there be so much war? A good friend once said that a nation needs to be strong, sturdy and pick its battles. But it also must be just, peaceful and diplomatic- and fall somewhere in between the two. War is always the last option, as it should be.

If a large superpower all of the sudden let down its guard, and had absolutely no defenses, and said that it would never enter into war again for any cause, the world could go down. To the opposite, if they were to enter into an all out police state with total government control, we unfortunately would rebel and start more wars. Stay tuned for our next post to talk more about pacifism and the effects..