Conversation Corner

I have a friend who is an agnostic theist, or so he claims. Everything about it seemed fake and didn’t add up, so I decided to do a bit of work into it. My buddy is from Worcester, and he was raised by 2 catholic parents, so i’m not surprised that he quit that religion. What I am surprised about it the contradiction of his new one. For agnosticthis week’s post, I am going to diagnose my friends thoughts into his “Agnostic Theism” and our conversation that we had last week. See below for the interview translation: (Me: Me, AF: Agnostic Friend- He chose to be known as this unknown alias)

Me: So Ive known you long time, give us a twitter feed update on your religious background up until you became agnostic.

AF: Yeah so I was raised by my mom and dad as catholics- actually my dad was protestant- and I went to bible study every sunday like every other kid. It’s weird because you kind of learn the doctrines and go through all of the motions, but don’t really think why. It’s like school and brainwashing for the catholic religion. Nobody really thinks in that church of faith.

Me: Interesting. What was the pinnacle for you in thinking that catholic was BS?

AF: I remember it succinctly. It was time for confirmation. In order to be “confirmed”, according to the catholic church, we had to have a certain amount of public service hours, go to a certain amount of bible classes and pass a bible “exam”. The service hours, I liked. I did a walk for hunger and served soup at a kitchen. It gave me great experience. The class was easy, you really could go and sit, and zone out. But what really got me was the test. I didn’t care nor believe in any of the information on it. It was so stupid- non-evolution based bible blah, what “disciples” said, little details based on a book, that didn’t exist in my mind. This was the catalyst and the rest of my independent research (philosophy classes, books and group talk with friends on experimental drugs), led me to believe and factually dispute parts of the bible. Once one shred of doubt starts, it leads to others, and it’s a long chain of lies that make you really see that christianity is a business institution, based on absolutely nothing.

Me; Wow, I totally agree. Its amazing how history, dogmatism and tradition can brainwash millions eh? Ok. So, how and what made you into an agnostic theist? Also, define, what the hell that means too?

AF: So, I will start with the former than the latter here, as it seems it’s should be first. An agnostic theist is the stance, to me, that states that I believe in divine creation, but that we cannot know anything that comes after. So, as an example, you could take 20 different religions to the beginning of time, and all of them have in common, “How was everything we know, created?’. I believe that it was a god, or some divine spirit that made us. I know you don’t believe that, but their has to be divine intervention somewhere and something cannot come from nothing. But where the agnosticism comes in, is after that on the timeline, but comes first in retrospect. For example, I can perceive that I am a conscious mind in a bodily vessel, but what If I am just a brain in a vat. humans might be a test experiment for aliens. We might be in parallel universes, or maybe the universe is just some wart on a guy’s foot, in an infinite paradoxical universe. None of those can ever be proven true, or false , in the consciousness that we currently know, and for that reason I accept not knowing. In short, I know we are made, we are here, but nothing else. It sounds a lot better than apples, snakes, 7 days of animals, an arc with 2 of every animal and all that christianity BS.