Why There Is No God?


If you believe in god… Get the F Out! Thats our Motto.

So, here is why we have this website. Please read on for more of our own opinions and ideas about what we do:

An atheist viewpoint, first and foremost is our own, and we claim responsibility for our own thoughts. We in no way want to change your opinions or viewpoints on how we do what we do. We respect that you believe in god, we just dont. And this is a haven where we can come and just explain our thoughts. That being said, many of the worlds top scientific minds tend to be atheists, and its easy to see why. We are so deeply involved in the sciences, that we see the reason, and the clarity behind things.

Evolution has occurred. If there is any retaliation to this statement, you are deeply involved in science enough. I have seen in great detail, fossilization of ancient tortoises, that have distinct changes in their shell size and color, and can be completely tracked in the soil that we have found them in. Evolution is fact. Make no mistake about this. Also, our sciences will tell us that the universe could have started from the synthesis of the god particle. This is how we were created. We actually evolved from the initial reactions of that one particle, and it can be found in the chemistry we KNOW today. Not only this, but through deep philosophical research, we can easily tell that the first essence of god, and thoughts of a divine being came, from the first human struggle. Our brain will invent anything sometimes, to ease pain. It was how religion started. But really what do we know about ourselves? It is possible that we are our own gods, because our body and its feelings are all we know. Are we brains in vats? Are we just reincarnated spirits? There is a lot more than Adam and Eve, wont you agree?

That is why we are here.